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Douglas Maner was instrumental in getting the outcome I needed to save my life and the outcome I deserved.  I would have never gotten through this if it wasn’t for this lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone. If you want an honest, tough, smart, hardworking lawyer….Then Douglas Maner is the lawyer you want in your corner defending you! Thank you Mr. Maner, from a satisfied client!

AM, Defendent

June, 2016

"When I met with Doug Maner about representing my son in Juvenile court, I was immediately impressed with both his demeanor and appearance. When we spoke about my issues, my first impression was immediately reinforced. He was very clear, very obliging, very responsive and 'super on the ball.'

Being in sales myself, great customer service always rings a bell for me. Doug Maner was someone who always got back to me right away. My calls were always answered in a very timely manner, my questions always answered to my complete satisfaction. His courtroom appearance was totally professional. His client services are impeccable. And, he did a really great job defending my son.

I would highly recommend him to anyone."

IE, Mother of a Juvenile Defendent


June, 2016

“Doug was instrumental in helping me get parole.  I recommend him to everyone who needs him. Can’t sing his praises high enough. I even passed out his business card to other inmates coming eligible for parole.”

Effa House, client and former Lifer @CDC
Received parole, 2014

“I worked with Doug for several years at the District Attorney's Office. His persistence, analytical abilities, impressive knowledge base and natural courtroom skills were just a few of the reasons that made him so successful. These skills combined with his prior experience on the "other side" make him THE "go-to" defense attorney in Northern and Central California."

JaVonne Phillips
Partner, McCarthy & Holthus
Former Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office




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Case Studies:




June, 2016

Douglas Maner was invaluable in helping me and my family through one of the most difficult times in my forty eight years of life! I have the kind of job that can take me anywhere in the United States. My last job took me to Modesto California. After making a few bad decisions about the people I met there mixed with me being naive and too trusting of everyone, it created a recipe for disaster to happen in my life. Here is my story:

I went from a very clean background with only a few speeding tickets to 4 felony charges. 4 accounts of identity theft, 4 accounts of burglary, and a warrant out for my arrest. With the type of career I have my life completely stopped. I almost lost my career, my house everything that I had worked so hard for over the last 22 years.  I was in Modesto all alone. No support systems whatsoever. I reside in Texas!  I am an only child so I had no one that could come be by my side. This was totally devastating to me.

I went to my first court date ALONE and the court appointed attorney scared me so bad I began to have chest pain and an inability to breathe. So what did I do? I ran for my life! Straight out of the court room in my car and took off! Not the smartest thing I have ever done that’s for sure. I got back to my hotel room and the next day I looked up the top 10 lawyers in Modesto. Douglas Maner was the third name that was listed. I gave him a call. I was a complete wreck in total hysteria. I still don’t know how he understood a word I was saying. He told me to calm down get in my car and come to his office immediately when I was able to drive. I told him I was a complete wreck I hadn’t even put a brush through my hair or even brushed my teeth. I had been up all night crying and looked like a monster. He assured me it was ok I just needed to get there especially after he found out I just left the courtroom. I could tell he sounded genuinely concerned about me. I got in my car and headed to his office as he advised me to do. That moment is when my blessing began.

Our first meeting consisted of me being hysterical trying to tell him my side of the story. He kept telling me things were going to be ok and handed me one tissue after another. I’m not sure what he got out of our meeting other than yes I want to hire you and here is your money. As I let him talk I realized just how smart this man was. He knew information from the DA side and information from the criminal defense side. He began to tell me how these types of cases usually go. He also told me that we would go to the court house together and leave together no matter what. His kindness that day will never be forgotten. He gave me all of his numbers and a bail bonds number in case I got arrested for having a warrant out for my arrest and leaving the courtroom.  He stayed calm, patient, confident, and knowledgeable about what was happening to me and how we were going to approach my case. He was brutally honest and never gave me false hope.  That meant so much to me. I knew every step of the way he was going to do his job to the best of his ability and guide me down the right path. Every time I called I was experiencing a different emotion. He knew exactly how to handle every emotion I threw at him to keep me calm. I never once lost faith in his ability to defend me.

Douglas Maner was instrumental in getting the outcome I needed to save my life and the outcome I deserved.  I would have never gotten through this if it wasn’t for this lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone. If you want an honest, tough, smart, hardworking lawyer….Then Douglas Maner is the lawyer you want in your corner defending you! Thank you Mr. Maner, from a satisfied client!



Jan 20, 2015

The  mother of a juvenile came into my office for help when law enforcement began an investigation of her child for allegedly having sex with a family member under the age of 14. The family wished to keep this a private matter, and had taken steps to end the relationship. The Police wished to investigate and get the District Attorney to file felony sex charges against my teen-aged client.

My investigator and I got involved and spoke with various family members. We then made a presentation to the police, and later, to the probation department. We were able to convince law enforcement not to pursue this matter since  the situation had ended and it would be harmful to the family member alleged to be the victim to come forward and testify.

No charges were filed, and this matter has remained private, according to the family's wishes.


Dec 15, 2014

This young person was charged with Robbery with a Firearm, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The District Attorney filed a motion to have the child prosecuted as an adult, exposing him to a prison sentence, and two strike convictions. It was alleged that during the course of a robbery the child caused the victim of the robbery to be shot. We investigated this case thoroughly and learned that the robbery " victim" was engaged in drug sales, and the reason  he was shot was on account of violent actions he initiated after the supposed robbery had concluded. By establishing that the "robbery" was actually a drug deal gone bad, and the shooting was caused by the drug dealer\victim”s own violent acts, we were able to convince the DA to drop their motion to prosecute our client as an adult, and get a very reasonable settlement offer for a non-strike offense. Instead of a probable prison term and two strike convictions, our young client will spend a few months in Juvenile Hall, and be placed on probation.

People vs. John Doe, a Juvenile — Lewd Acts with a Child Under 14, Oral Copulation, Sodomy

August 2014

My client was arrested, remanded to Juvenile Hall, and charged with several violations of the Penal Code alleging multiple unlawful sex acts with another child over an extended period of time. He was incarcerated and facing a maximum punishment of ten years on the Department of Juvenile Justice ( formerly CYA). The first step was to gain his release from jail, which we were able to do right away.

We thoroughly investigated the case and had extensive discussions with the family, and worked with an expert in child sexual abuse cases. We then commenced our negotiations with the District Attorney.  Ultimately, we were able to have one of the charges dismissed, and the reminder resolved via placement on the Deferred Judgement program. The charges will be dismissed, and his record expunged and sealed after he successfully completes Deferred Judgement.

Fortunately, my client will be able to put this matter behind him and go forward into life without being branded a sexual predator, or being required to register as a sex offender.

People V  “R. E.” — DUI, Stanislaus County Superior Court      January 2014

Mr  E  was arrested for what appeared to be a simple DUI, and released with a pending court date. Unfortunately, he had been previously convicted of two counts of  Vehicular Manslaughter which not only elevated his misdemeanor DUI to a felony, but made him eligible to be sentenced to 25 years to life under California’s three strike law.

The District attorney alleged these violations and was seeking a life term in prison. At his first court appearance, the judge set bail at well over $250,000 and remanded him into jail with no warning whatsoever. Mr. E’s situation appeared hopeless, at least to him. His blood alcohol content was alleged to be well over double the legal limit, he was locked down in maximum security and was expecting to spend the rest of his life in prison, thanks to California’s merciless three strikes law.

Mr E. then hired Doug to represent him.  After a thorough evaluation of his current case, and his decade old prior convictions, Doug and Mr. E. had a plan to save his life and regain his freedom. Doug appeared in court and replaced Mr E’s previous attorney. He filed several motions, and conducted extensive negotiations with the District Attorneys office. Ultimately, we were able to settle his case for
a relatively short prison term of three years, to be served at half time, enabling him to be released
in 18 months. We were also able to obtain Mr. E’s release from jail on his own recognizance while he fought these charges.

Every case is different and we will never guarantee a specific outcome. But what we will guarantee is that we will vigorously fight the charges, and either take your case to trial or get the best possible settlement offer from the prosecution and give you or your loved one the most realistic opportunity to regain their life and put your current legal troubles behind you.....where they belong.

Charges Dropped — “BC“ - Crimes of Violence, Assault. March 2014

“BC”  contacted Doug for advice before charges were filed by the District Attorneys office. He was  considered a suspect on charges of Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury, a Strike under California’s Three Strike law. He was subject to arrest by local law enforcement.

After interviewing him and getting his side of the story, I contacted the investigating officer, with whom I’ve had a long relationship, and gave him additional information that he hadn’t uncovered during his initial investigation.  After receiving this new information, the Detective conducted further investigation which he forwarded to the District Attorneys Office, along with his original report.

As a result, the DA didn’t file charges, and my client wasn’t prosecuted. Often, it pays to hire an attorney BEFORE charges are filed. In this case, it saved my client the indignity and stress of being a defendant in a criminal case, the risk of conviction and prison time, and substantial legal fees.

People V ”AC“ — Robbery, Stanislaus County Superior Court, February, 2014

CASE UPDATE. NOV, 2014.   With our client out of custody and working closely with the defense team and our investigator we were able to develop substantial evidence to contradict the Government's case. After several months of investigation and negotiations, we were able to convince the DA to offer a misdemeanor to our client, for credit for time already served.

His initial charges of two counts of armed robbery, which exposed him to two strike convictions and as many as 8 years in prison were reduced to a misdemeanor with no additional jail time to be served.***

Mr C. Was charged with two counts of armed robbery, and jailed pending payment of an over $500,000 bail bond. Mr C., and his family wanted to fight his case with him being out of jail. Mr C.’s family hired Doug who set his case for a bail review. Working together we created a presentation for the court with letters of support from the community including proof of schooling and employment which convinced to judge to lower his bail to an amount that the family could afford.

Mr C. is now out of custody, working and attending school, and assisting us in defending him against these charges. This case is still pending.



People V John Doe (a minor) — Robbery, Stanislaus County Juvenile Court, April 2014

The client, a minor,  was accused of robbery with a deadly weapon and other charges. He was incarcerated at the Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall. His family urgently wanted the minor to be released from jail so he continue attending school. The family hired Doug to defend the minor and to get him out of jail. We created a series of documents and letters of support for the minor which showed his involvement in the community, commitment to his education, and provided proof that
he came from a loving, stable home environment.

We were able to convince the court to release the minor from jail so that he could continue his life with as little disruption as possible while fighting these charges. The minor was returned to his family and school, living a normal life while we worked towards a successful resolution of his case.

This case has now resolved for pretrial diversion with no jail time imposed as long as the terms to diversion are completed.

After diversion has been completed, his case will be dismissed and his record sealed so that no one will ever know about it.

This client got an excellent result: diversion, no jail time and a clean record after being convicted of robbery with a deadly weapon. Please understand that not everyone can obtain similar results, as every case is different. What you can count on is that I will uncover every weakness in the Government's case and exploit it to your full advantage, and either successfully get your case dismissed, or get the best possible offer from the Government's attorneys.


People V RM, Domestic Violence, April 2014

Mr M. Was charged with two strikes ( Penal Code 422, Terrorist Threats) and an enhancement alleging the personal use of a deadly weapon, as a result of a Domestic Violence incident. The Government also charged him with a prior Strike conviction, and a prison prior.  If convicted of all the charges he would be a three striker and looking at over nine years in prison.

We were able to convince the DA that his previous strike conviction was invalid, and that they could not prove their Terrorist Threat charges. As a result of our investigation and legal research,  Mr. M was made a credit for time served offer for a non strike offense. So, instead of being a three striker serving a long prison sentence, Mr. M is out of jail and only on probation.




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